Group Therapy

Groups are a powerful vehicle for understanding and exploring feelings. Group therapy provides a safe environment where members can look at how they relate to themselves and others, experiment with new ways of relating and be changed by that process. I lead weekly ongoing psychotherapy groups where clients can receive support and feedback and learn to connect with other members.

The Power of Group Therapy

Group therapy provides an opportunity for us to identify and explore the patterns we’ve developed throughout our lives for interacting with others. We can not only understand these patterns but can experiment with new ones. And the reactions of fellow members can give us important insight into how we’re viewed by others.

Group therapy also provides a place to discover that we share many of the same challenges with others. Talking with people who have similar circumstances can bring us feelings of validation and acceptance, as well as the benefit of their experiences. It’s also a terrific way to test the skills you’ve developed in our individual counseling; to experiment with and gauge the progress you’ve been making.

The possibility for transformation and healing that can happen in a group, based on members’ engagement with each other and the group is life changing.


I am currently in a three year group therapy training program at The Center for Group Studies in New York. The Center’s training program is designed around the principles and techniques of Louis Ormont, Ph.D., a leader in modern analytic group therapy. Additionally I am participating in an ongoing modern analytic training group with Dr Ronnie Levine that meets three times a year.

Professional Organizations

I am a member of the American Group Therapy Association and the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society.

What Next

Please visit my Events page for more information about my ongoing Monday evening process groups for adults. Or call me at 512-296-9039.